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Human bites: First aid/Conditions/Prevention

 Human bites: First aid

Bites from humans are as dangerous as or more dangerous than bites from animals because of the types of bacteria and viruses that are present in a human's mouth. Bites that break the skin can become infected, and if someone cuts his or her knuckles on another person's teeth, this could lead to an infection. This is also considered a human injury. And a cut on the knuckles from your own teeth, such as from a fall, is considered a human injury.

If someone bites you and breaks the skin, follow these steps to take care of it:

  • Stop the bleedingWipe the area clean with a dry cloth.
  • Wash the wound thoroughly with soap and water.
  • Apply a clean bandage.Apply a nonstick bandage to the affected area.
  • Seek emergency medical care.

If you haven't had a tetanus shot in the past five years, your doctor may recommend getting a booster shot. A booster shot should be given within 48 hours of the injury.

Human bites: First aid/Conditions/Prevention

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