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Stroke: First aid Print/Conditions/Prevention

 Stroke: First aid Print

Stroke: First aid Print

A stroke occurs when there is bleeding or a lack of blood flow to the brain. Brain cells will die within minutes if you are not given essential nutrients.

If you are hurt, go to the doctor right away.A stroke is a very serious medical emergency. The sooner it is treated, the less serious the damage will be. Every second counts in terms of saving someone's life.

If you are aware of any warning signs that might indicate a stroke, use the "F.A.S.T.The following tips can help you remember the steps to resolving a conflict: 1. Acknowledge that there is a problem. 2. Assert yourself and your feelings. 3. Ask for what you want. 4. Avoid blame and criticism. 5. Be respectful of the other person's feelings and opinions. 6. Cooperate to find a solution that works for both of you. 7. Commit to following through with the agreement reached. 1) Remember these steps by using this acronym: ACCEPTANCE. 2) Another way to remember these steps is by using the phrase "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet." This means that no matter what words are usedThese are the four ways to resolve a conflict.

  • Face.Does the person's face droop when they try to smile?
  • Arms.When the person tries to raise both arms, is one arm lower than the other?
  • Speech.Is the person able to repeat a simple sentence? Does their speech sound slurred or difficult to understand?
  • Time.If you notice any of these signs, call 911 or your local emergency number immediately. Strokes happen quickly, so every minute counts.

If you experience any of the following signs or symptoms of a stroke which come on suddenly, it is important to seek medical attention:

  • One side of the body may be weaker or numb, including the leg.
  • One eye may become blurry or lose vision.
  • A severe headache that comes out of nowhere is a sign that there is something wrong.
  • If you experience dizziness, unsteadiness, or a sudden fall without any of the other signs or symptoms, it might be a sign of a health problem.

Stroke is a risk for those who have high blood pressure, have had a previous stroke, smoke, have diabetes, or have heart disease. As you get older, your risk of stroke increases. nurse.

Stroke: First aid Print/Conditions/Prevention

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