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جافا سكريبت غير ممكن! ... الرجاء تفعيل الجافا سكريبت في متصفحك.


Sunburn First aid /Conditions/Prevention

 Sunburn First aid

Sunburn First aid

If you have been sunburned, you will experience the signs and symptoms of sunburn within a few hours of exposure to the sun. The affected skin will be very red and swollen. In some cases it might blister. You may also experience a headache, fever, and nausea.

If you have a sunburn

To relieve sunburn, take these steps:

  • Cool the skin.Wet the towel you will use to apply decoupage and then cool tap water. Or take a cool bath.
  • Apply a moisturizer, lotion or gel.Aloe vera lotion, gel, or calamine lotion may soothe the skin.
  • Drink water to prevent dehydration.
  • Do not break any blisters that are smaller than your fingernail.If blisters break, clean the area with soap and water. Apply an antibiotic ointment to the wound, and wrap it in a nonstick gauze bandage. If a rash develops, stop using the ointment and go to see a doctor.
  • Take a pain relieverSunburn relief medications can include gels like Advil Motrin IB, which help to relieve the discomfort and swelling of a sunburn.
  • Avoid more sun exposure while your skin heals from the sunburn.
  • Apply an over-the-counter cream to relieve the symptoms of a skin rash.If your sunburn is bad, you should use this cream.

If you get large blisters, go to the doctor. These blisters can be hard to remove on your own, and if they become worse or cause other symptoms, see a doctor. streaks of red.

Sunburn First aid /Conditions/Prevention

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