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kidney Function Test : Diagnosis-Benefits-Types


 What Is a Kidney Function Test?

Kidney function takes a look at any clinical and laboratory procedure designed to evaluate diverse aspects of renal (kidney) ability and efficiency and to be a useful resource in the diagnosis of kidney problems. Such checks can be divided into several categories, which encompass.

attention and dilution tests, whereby the particular gravity of urine is decided at regular time periods following water restrict or huge water intake, to measure the potential of the kidneys to preserve water,clearance assessments, which offer an estimate of the filtration rate of the glomeruli, the important filtering structures of the kidneys (see inulin clearance), and overall renal blood glide (see phenolsulfonphthalein test).

visual and physical examination of the urine, which normally consists of the recording of its physical traits including color, overall quantity, and particular gravity, as well as checking for the extraordinary presence of pus, hyaline casts (precipitation of natural protein from the kidney tubules), and crimson and white blood cells; proteinuria, the presence of protein within the urine, is often the primary extraordinary locating indicative of kidney ailment, determination of the concentration of numerous substances in the urine, notably glucose, amino acids, phosphate, sodium, and potassium, to assist detect possible impairment of the particular kidney mechanisms normally worried with their reabsorption.

In addition to medical and laboratory checks, the usage of X-rays and radioisotopes is likewise precious inside the diagnosis of kidney disorders.

Your kidneys play several important roles in preserving your fitness. One of their maximum vital jobs is to filter out waste substances from the blood and expel them from the frame as urine. The kidneys also assist in manipulating the ranges of water and numerous critical minerals inside the body.

What Is a Kidney Function Test
Kidney Function Test

Symptoms of kidney 

Symptoms that may indicate a problem with your kidneys include:

  • high blood pressure

  • blood in the urine

  • frequent urges to urinate

  • difficulty beginning urination

  • painful urination

  • swelling of the hands and feet due to a buildup of fluids in the body

Why is kidney function tested?

Some situations, which include diabetes or high blood stress , have an effect on how properly the kidneys are painted. If you've got any such situations, your healthcare company may additionally use kidney function tests to assist reveal those conditions.

You can also need a kidney feature check when you have signs that imply feasible kidney troubles. These signs would possibly encompass:

  • weight loss or poor appetite

  • swollen ankles, feet or hands

  • shortness of breath

  • tiredness

  • blood in your pee (urine)

  • peeing more than usual, particularly at night

  • High blood stress

  • diabetes

  • acute kidney damage – sudden damage to the kidneys that causes them to prevent running properly

  • cardiovascular disease – conditions that affect the heart, arteries and veins, such as coronary heart sickness or coronary heart failure

  • other situations that could affect the kidneys – consisting of kidney stones, an enlarged prostate or lupus

  • a family history of advanced CKD or an inherited kidney disease

  • protein or blood on your urine wherein there is no recognised reason

Types of kidney function tests

Your healthcare company can also order one or some extraordinary sorts of kidney characteristic exams. You may also have blood assessments for kidney characteristic, including:

  • Blood urea nitrogen (BUN) Measures nitrogen (made from protein breakdown) on your blood.

  • Estimated GFR (eGFR) Calculates filtration rates based totally on your protein tiers, age, gender, length and race.

  • Serum creatinine Seems for the buildup of creatinine, a waste product from muscle groups breakdown.

our healthcare company might also use 24-hour urine assessments, along with:

  • Microalbuminuria looks for a specific protein called albumin.

  • Urinalysis Evaluates your urine for blood, proteins and characteristics.

While examining urine in the kidneys

A 24-hour urine sample is a creatinine clearance test. It gives your medical doctor a concept of ways a lot of creatinine your body expels over a single day.

On the day when you start the check, urinate into the rest room as you normally might when you awaken.

For the relaxation of the day and night time, urinate right into a unique container furnished by using your medical doctor. Keep the box capped and refrigerated in the course of the collection system. Make certain to label the container in reality and to tell different family contributors why it’s in the refrigerator.

On the morning of the second one day, urinate into the box while you arise. This completes the 24-hour series process.

You complete 24-hour urine tests at home. For a 24-hour urine check, your provider will provide you with a container to gather urine. For a kidney blood test, you go to your issuer’s office or laboratory to provide a blood sample. A technician makes use of a small needle and takes a look at the tube to accumulate a blood sample.


  • test results, specifically creatinine levels

  • age

  • gender

  • race

  • height

  • weight

Kidney health

You can decrease your danger for CKD or keep it from getting worse via ingesting wholesome, being lively, and retaining your blood pressure and levels of cholesterol on your target variety. Make sure to attend to your kidneys if you are at risk for CKD. If you have got diabetes, get tested for kidney disease once every 12 months. Having your kidneys checked frequently gives you the satisfactory chance for finding and treating CKD early.

List of diagnostic procedures


  1. Cellular and chemical analysis
  2. Diagnostic imaging
  3. Genetic testing
  4. Measurement
  5. Physical And Visual Examination
  6. Definition Of Diagnosing In Medicine
  7. Stages Of Diagnosis And Medical Examinations - Tests

kidney Function Test : Diagnosis-Benefits-Types

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